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Farmed, vinified & bottled by our family to yours. Our estate vineyard is 4.3 planted acres of Pinot Noir. Small, yes, but this allows our family to farm it exclusively- keeping diligent contact with every vine from bud break to harvest.

When it comes to our own vineyard, our goal is to produce the best possible wines we can, while capturing the site's own diversity & distinctiveness. Each year we will produce as many blends to meet these two fundamental requirements. And just as each vintage is different from year to year, each blend we create will be too, and therefore assigned its own individual number- forever cataloging the count of hopefully a long line of uniquely delicious Pinot Noirs for years to come.

100 cases produced. Meticulously choosing from a combination of four barrels that would represent our estate vineyard as a whole. Blend 7 includes all the differing soils, rootstocks, clones, elevation and aspects that represent the entirety of our estate vineyard blended together. Because Blend 7 sees the multitude of all these factors combined, it lends to a natural, layered complexity in the wine. It contains both the tart red fruit flavors of Blend 5 and the earthy, savory notes of Blend 6, while adding wonderful raspberry notes associated with our Dijon 114 clone. This wine acts as the middleweight between the lightness of Blend 5 and the boldness of Blend 6, resulting in a very balance structure. This wine was cellared in 37% new French oak, utilizing one of our most prized coopers that seamlessly integrates oak flavors while keeping the wine at the fruit point.

  • 12.5% Dijon 115 (Carlton)
  • 12.5% Pommard (Carlton)
  • 12.5% Wadenswil (Carlton)
  • 13% Dijon 667 (Dupee/Hazelair)
  • 49.5% Dijon 114 (Dixonville/Carlton)

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