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Planted along the banks for the Columbia River, at the southern tip of Horse Heaven Hills AVA, Alder Ridge Vineyard’s site selection is second to none. Benefiting from the warmer continental climate of Columbia Valley’s growing season, but with cooling effects from the proximity of the river, high winds from the gorge, and large drops in nighttime temperatures- a beautiful balance of enough heat to optimally ripen but cool enough to retain the fruit’s vibrancy.

Sauvignon Blanc lives on a spectrum. On the extremes of this spectrum, New Zealand’s produce vibrant, tart Sauvignon Blanc’s known for their grapefruit, grassy & gooseberry flavors, while Bordeaux’s tend to be richer & more opulent, showcasing riper fruit qualities such as peach, citrus & floral notes. Sourcing our fruit from eastern Washington’s Columbia Valley, we find a sweet spot that lands us in a wonderfully tasty middle ground, drawing qualities from both extremes of the spectrum.

Four different ferments in three vessels were used to add a layered complexity, while also utilizing two distinct yeast strains. The stainless steel ferment was very reminiscent of a New Zealand style Sauvignon Blanc- bright acid backbone with a focus on grapefruit & gooseberry, as well as a lovely minty note on the aroma. The new French oak barrel ferment added richness, texture & toasted notes, while the neutral oak barrel ferments added roundness and stone fruit flavors.

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