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Planted along the banks for the Columbia River, at the southern tip of Horse Heaven Hills AVA, Alder Ridge Vineyard’s site selection is second to none. Benefiting from the warmer continental climate of Columbia Valley’s growing season, but with cooling effects from the proximity of the river, high winds from the gorge, and large drops in nighttime temperatures- a beautiful balance of enough heat to optimally ripen but cool enough to retain the fruit’s vibrancy.

This Cab was sourced from Alder Ridge Vineyard’s famed “Block 5”, this fruit is nestled at high elevations along the bluff which is beneficial for retaining acidity, while the high winds from the gorge help thicken the grape’s skins throughout the growing season which is great for the formation of tannins. All this points to wonderfully structured fruit.

When harvested, we separated into three separate ferments utilizing two different Bordeaux yeast strains. With a healthy mix of pump overs & punchdowns, we tasted the ferments for optimal mouthfeel. Once the right amount of tannin was extracted, we drained the wine from the fermenter, then pressed sweet in our basket press, where the wine then finished the very last of the fermentation in barrel. Once in barrel, the wine was cellared for extended aging. This process was very deliberate to deliver a Cab that showcased finesse on the palate- a silky texture with building tannin presence toward the finish, with lingering black cherry, tobacco, caramel & chocolate notes.

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